Shorewood Celebration of the Arts & Plein Air Shorewood 2016

lorrainemcfarlandplensaThe Village of Shorewood Public Art Committee invites all to Celebrate the Arts on Saturday, September 17, 2016. The one-day community-wide event will include a free community breakfast and rededication of the iconic Jaume’ Plensa sculpture. It will also host a free, one-day plein air event at Atwater Park near the sculpture, culminating in a happy hour celebration with food and beverage available for purchase, live music, and a cacophony of professional artists selling their work and other art.

Event Goals and Scope:

  • Date: Saturday, September 17, 2016, from 8am to 8pm

  • Location: Atwater Park, located at the east end of Capitol Drive.

  • The celebration will appeal to all age groups and will focus on paying tribute to the fifth anniversary of the placement of the Plensa Sculpture in the park, as well as be host to plein air artists and musicians.

  • All Plein Air artists who have participated in the previous Plein Air Shorewood events will be invited back to again paint and sell artwork in the park – beginning at dawn and continuing throughout the day.  Sign up here. There is No Fee. No commission. This is a day of Celebration, and the community is invited to paint and create alongside the professionals.

  • Live music, beverage and food will be provided for sale all day for the enjoyment of all residents, artists, the wider community, and individuals wishing to pay tribute to the artists and to the Jaume’ Plensa sculpture.

  • All are welcome to go outside and paint in Shorewood. Professional artists will sell their work from their easels until 8pm. The best place to see finished art will be at the Happy Hour at the Lake, from 4-7pm. All sales conclude by 8pm.

  • Schedule of Day:

Breakfast: Saturday, September 17, 8-10AM Art Kickoff and Celebration

Traditional Plein Air Birthday Breakfast Saturday morning featuring the Public Art Committee, Volunteer Groups, Shorewood dignitaries, elected officials, Village administration and hopefully the artist himself to give out free breakfast and coffee to all. Artist check-in. Entertainment featuring Music and artists arriving, painting, and heading out to find locations throughout Shorewood.

Artists and community are invited to create artwork outside in Shorewood throughout the day. Tent remains throughout the day at Atwater Park as a Plein Air Headquarters.

Happy Hour and Art Display and Sale: 4-7pm at Atwater Park

Happy Hour 4-7pm: Artists check back in and arrange easel and finished piece. All are welcome to celebrate the arts, food and beverage for sale, and celebrate Shorewood with music and art.

Easel Sale of artwork – professional artists only with WI Seller’s Permit: Throughout the day, ending by 8pm.

Produced by the Public Art Committee of Shorewood.

Questions/Contact: Jenny Heyden, Plein Air Director,  Info@pleinairshorewood.com


Why so small scale this year: The Public Art Committee will be launching a new public work currently targeted for October, 2016, thus the 2016 Plein Air Event has been simplified to one day, and the community invited to share the experience alongside artists.

Who can sell: Only professional artists possessing a seller’s permit will be authorized to sell work.

Parameters of artwork:

  • Artwork of Shorewood, WI
  • May be a piece from a previous year
  • Does not need to be any particular size – if it fits on easel, it’s ok.
  • Framing is not required.
  • Village of Shorewood charges no fee and no commission for any sale
  • No vending tents or structures of any kind are allowed.
  • Other parameters may be added prior to the event

 Artist Interest Form for 2016

7 responses to “Home

  1. Hello… I’m new to plein air and would love to participate… Would I be considered to join in your celebration? Thanks, Von

  2. Yvonne- All are welcome to celebrate the arts on Saturday, Sept. 17, from 8am to 8pm, whether it’s painting, dance, chalk art, music, juggling, or something else! The artists who have participated in our Plein Air Competition are the ones Plein Air Shorewood is officially inviting to paint and sell their work. Feel free to email for more information: info@pleinairshorewood.com. If you are interested, fill out the quick and easy Artist Interest Form 2016.

  3. Interesting. Can you offer further details, links, etc., about acquiring the WI sellers permit?

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