Answers to Plein Air Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can artists paint the beer garden, shown on the map?

Plein Air Shorewood Map

Shorewood, WI Plein Air Shorewood

A. Plein Air Answer: YES! Though, technically, it is not in Shorewood, the Estabrook Beer Garden is lovely and has a river falls view, so yes. That means everything leading up to it is also fair game – Dog Park, Frisbee Golf, and soccer fields, bike path, skateboard park and playgrounds.  It’s a bit away from the Village look and feel, but very nice. Yes, paint it.

Q. Where do artists Check in?

A. Check-in is at different places: Weds Early Canvas Stamping at Chemistry in Place 7-10am, Olson House 4:30-6:30 pm. Thursday morning at Plein Air Headquarters, Shorewood Public Library Lower Level, 3920 N Murray, Shorewood, WI.

2 responses to “Answers to Plein Air Questions (FAQ)

  1. Pam! All Artists are to report to Plein Air Headquarters on Thursday Morning between 6AM and 10AM to have canvases stamped and to check in. You will fill out an artist form with cell#, pick up your badge, artist goodie bag, and have your canvases stamped (unlimited).

    The address of Plein Air Shorewood HQ is the Shorewood Public Library Lower Level, 3920 N Murray Ave, Shorewood, WI 53211. It is accessible from the public free parking lot at Frederick just south of Capitol Drive.

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