Artwork created during Plein Air Shorewood 2013 – Artist and Titles coming soon

sam_2602 sam_2583 sam_2580 sam_2577 sam_2578 sam_2564 sam_2556 sam_2534 DSC00325 DerekDavisRiversEdgeDSC00322 DSC00321 DSC00320 DSC00319 DSC00324 DSC00315 DSC00317 DSC00318 DSC00313 DSC00312 DSC00310 DSC00309 DSC00308 DSC00307 DSC00306 DSC00305 DSC00296 DSC00292 DSC00291 DSC00295 3rd Place Eddie Corkerywendiethompson

Community Spirit Award: Two Day Paint

Community Spirit Award

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