History, Maps and Images of Shorewood, Wisconsin

History, Maps and Images for use in Plein Air Painting of Shorewood, Wisconsin.

Shorewood is a 1.59 mile square village which borders Lake Michigan on one side, and the Milwaukee River on the other. It has two access points to the Lake – one as a bluff and public beach, the other is a Nature Preserve which winds down organically through brush to the Lake.  The River has park access through Hubbard Park through to the Spector Field baseball area, and a bike path runs through the area as well along the river and Wilson Drive.

Many buildings are over 100 years old. The high school and elementary schools have also been in existence for over 100 years, and the state’s only public school bowling alley is housed in the high school.

Much to paint. Only three days to do it. Come to Shorewood, Wisconsin.

Latest Article about Historic homes and buildings in Shorewood (4/29/13).


historicmilwaukeebluehouse villagehall

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