Volunteer and Host

Volunteer Opportunities with Shorewood Plein Air Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016

Volunteer – it’s just one day this year. We have many fun and engaging types of volunteer opportunities on Saturday, September 17, all at the lake, and all with others who will sit and enjoy music and the arts from 8am to 8pm, pick your pleasure!

Host an artist, get a painting. An original! From your guest. May not be from this weekend, but it’s an original piece of art. And you’ll be creating a community event just by hosting. This year it’s likely just one night, maybe two.

A)Contact Eve Sappenfield, Volunteer Coordinator, directly to discuss options: info@pleinairshorewood.com.
OR Quickly Fill out this brief form to be on the list!

B)Email the Committee to join the list of Volunteers! Email info@pleinairshorewood.com.


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