Paint My House/Business

(Scroll Down for Addresses) The list indicates that the owner of the property has given his/her approval for artists to do a painting of the external premises and that he/she may be an interested purchaser of the piece. If you are an artist interested in painting a specific property and you’d like to connect with the owner, please contact Jenny Heyden at who will send your info to the owner. Thanks!

Owners, please feel free to arrange sales with artists directly. Artists, feel free to invite interested patrons  to the show on the final day from 10am-9pm to purchase as well. ALL PURCHASES SUPPORT PUBLIC ART IN SHOREWOOD!
Artists are invited to consider any of the following private homes and businesses during the Plein Air Shorewood Event.

New Addition: If your house is on the “penumbra” of Shorewood – submit the address! Artists are allowed to paint anything on the list.

TO GET ON THIS LIST – contact and indicate “PAINT ME” in the Subject Line! Then give us your contact information and address of the property.

1. Private Homes:  the following Homes (including yard, area, property) are open to paint from the outside, and the owners have expressed an interest (but are not obligated to purchase) a painting of their home(s).

Price: The Village of Shorewood/Plein Air Shorewood does not mitigate prices charged by professional artists for their paintings, nor select which artist will choose to paint the home/business. The complete participant list is here and each has a website portfolio for you to enjoy. If you would like contact information for a particular artist on the list, please email or connect directly via his or her website.

Artists, if you’re interested in painting a home or business on this list, you are welcome to  contact Plein Air Shorewood for contact information of the owner to discuss price or details.




8 responses to “Paint My House/Business

  1. Johnna – that sounds great! Of course, you are welcome to paint anywhere in Shorewood. We will alert Lynne Waite (proprietor) that you’ve mentioned her shop here. There are no guarantees that the painting will be purchased. The people on the list of homes and businesses will have first refusal to purchase the paintings, but there is not an explicit agreement between Plein Air Shorewood and the group – homeowners, residents, store owners, etc., the object of your work, to purchase the work.

    About the sale: In the Show or Off-Easel:
    If you would like to use the painting of Min’s as one of your two works for jurying in the two-day paint, or as your piece for the quick paint (if you do it Sat), then Lynne is welcome to attend the silent auction to purchase the painting on Saturday from 6p.m. to 9p.m. at the Shorewood Public Library.
    If you would like sell her the painting “off-easel” outside of the silent auction in Shorewood, the Village will still retain 35% of the sale. This is true with all sales in Plein Air Shorewood, off-easel or juried in the show and sold at silent auction.

    Questions please email the committee –

  2. I was wondering about the “sign up” for sites. I’ve never encountered this in previous plein air competitions and would like to know exactly what that means. Are we restricted from painting something that someone has signed up for?
    Thank you,
    Audrey Dulmes

  3. All artists may paint anything within Shorewood limits – painting a home on this list does not guarantee a sale – just highlights homes and businesses where there is an interest amongst the owner or proprietor in a painting.

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