Plein Air Summary 2013

Below is a summary of the first annual Plein Air Shorewood which occurred last year, and will be similar to this year’s plan for 2014.

See the Video about Shorewood’s Plein Air event here:

PLEIN AIR SHOREWOOD 2013: SUMMARY of all Events, Attendance

Thursday, August 15: Don Berg Demonstrates Plein Air at Shorewood LibraryAug 15 Don Berg Demonstrates at Shorewood Library

Summer Sounds Concerts in August: Two sessions of artists demonstrating plein air painting – Jim Maki, Don Berg, Jenny Heyden, Amy Thomas

jenny painting

Monday 9/16/13: Artist Fred Bell demonstrated at Atwater School (attendance: 40–25 students, 10 parents, 5 teachers) . Information and flyers placed in Thursday Bags, District Enews to all schools, St Roberts enews to all students, and Milestones.


Tuesday 9/17/13: Plein Air Shorewood Artist Kristin Gjerdset demonstrated her watercolor style at Shorewood Intermediate School. (6 students, 10 teachers, 9 parents = (25 attendees). (sponsored by Barbara Gensler, former SHS Drama and English teacher)

Sendik’s Shorewood put 2,000 flyers out for customers promoting Plein Air.

Wednesday 9/18/13: 

Artist Jenny Anderson demonstrated for the entire school at Lake Bluff School in two large-scale grand events – and donated a piece of artwork for the permanent collection. 600 attendance. Information to Lake Bluff PTO newsletter, District Enews to all schools, St Roberts enews to all students, and Milestones.lakebluffdemo

Culver’s placed 2,000 tray liners – flyers for upcoming Plein Air Shorewood and Art Museum Kohl’s Color Wheel art van coming Thursday.

Shorewood Library staff assisted in personalizing 54 gift bags for artists, signage, and transforming the library.

Thursday 9/19/13:

52 artists checked in at Village Center and painted throughout the Village.


Fox6 Real Milwaukee interview with Chip went on at the Atwater Park bluff, engaging high school student Madeline De Cora and artists Shelby Keefe, and Tom Nachreiner.


The Milwaukee Art Museum presented the Kohl’s Color Wheels interactive art program at the Shorewood Public Library 3:30-6pm (250 attendees – 170 students, and 80 adults).


Dinner was provided for artists at Hubbard Lodge (200 attendees – artists, friends and community interested in meeting the artists).


Friday 9/20/13: 

Breakfast at the Plensa (200 attendees), from 7-9am, celebrated the third anniversary of the Jaume Plensa sculpture, “Spillover II.”


Artists painted throughout the Village and turned in their work by 5pm.


Friday Night Block Party: 2,000 attendees at Block Party enjoyed McMenamin Dancers, Loud Mouth Soup, a Jumbotron, and a Fashion Popup representing Swanky Seconds, SHOP, Goldi and Min’s.  Swanky Seconds reports high traffic, new customer base and good sales. Three Lions Pub reports record high sales (40% increase), Colectivo manager indicated 20% increase in sales for a Friday.

IMG_4341cIMG_4441c IMG_4357c IMG_4364c IMG_4475c IMG_4519c IMG_4961c IMG_4965c

Saturday 9/21/13: TMJ4 Daybreak show featured artist Wendie Thompson doing a start-to-finish Quick Paint from 6:30am with a blank canvas to 9:00am with a completed work.

Breakfast for Artists and Visitors (sponsored by Stowell Associates, Inc.) 100 attendees, comaraderie and fun event with artists discussing painting plans before heading out for Quick Paint 10-2:30.

Collector’s Sneak Peek 10-12 noon (200 attendees – non-duplicate evening attendance) sold 25 pieces.

DSC00309DSC00307 DSC00308

Daylong viewing at the Shorewood Library drew families and visitors all day until close at 3:30pm.


Quick Paint Competition brought people out to Village 10-2 to watch artists painting.

Gala and Silent Auction was a strong success and set records for sales in plein air events. It drew 700 attendees, 92% of artists sold at least one piece, and the 91 paintings went home with buyers from the SE Wisconsin area and beyond — a record-breaking first time plein air event!

IMG_5318c IMG_5305c IMG_5303c IMG_5273c IMG_5250c IMG_5245c IMG_5234c IMG_5224c IMG_5217c IMG_5214c IMG_5193c Sommers 1 IMG_5200c Volunteers in Berets Tom Nachreiner - Best of Show


Co-Chair Comments:

Jenny Heyden: “What a thrilling ride – from creating a new entity in Shorewood and bringing people together in interesting and meaningful ways, to awakening the heart and soul of the community for the community – plein air has been a joy and a gift.”

Pat Algiers:  “Plein Air Shorewood epitomizes community. It is a living, breathing example of how Shorewood is the closet thing to a European urban village we have in Wisconsin. It brought so many together with the common denominator being art and celebration of place and in place.”

Don Berg: “When our Public Art Committee succeeded in acquiring and installing the Plensa sculpture and using it as a cornerstone for a Shorewood Art Celebration and Plein Air event, little did we anticipate the enormity of pleasure, excitement and encouragement to continue to make Shorewood an “Art Friendly Community.”

Dick Eschner, Public Art Chairman: ”

“As Chair of the Public Art Committee, I was very pleased that we were able to engage so many Shorewood residents and individuals outside of the village – that covered all age groups and interests. One of our long-term goals is to continue to promote interest in and the proactive support of public art throughout the community and region.  Public Art does truly Celebrate Shorewood, the focus on education for all ages, exceptional quality of life and its unique geographic location on the lake.”



“Plein Air Shorewood Artist, Gail Franke:

  • Just want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who put this event together! I t was amazing! As one of the participating artists, I can’t say enough at how well this event was put together, advertised, supported and attended. Loved all the perks of free dinner and cookies, etc…. and it was wonderful to have so many people there to buy art. It really was exciting for all of us to sell so well. Of course your community has so many great spots to paint! Thank you again, and I look forward to next year!”

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