Buy it Now: Artwork from Scenic Shorewood, Wis!

River's Edge, 11x14,enpleinair, 1st place quick paint, Shorewood,Wi. 2013 thompson50B Rainy Day Beer Garden Crowd - small

Artwork Available from Plein Air Shorewood 2013

These pieces were on display in Shorewood on 9/21/13. Other work may be available from the artists that was not shown, please see their websites (click on artist last name) but was painted as part of the event. (Updated 10/3/13)

Contact to purchase. For images, click on artist last name or check here to go through the artists’ Websites for images.
Artwork # Artist First Name Artist Last Name Title Price Size (Framed)
1A Jenny Anderson After the Rain $375.00 12×18″
1C Jenny Anderson Wendie Painting Susans $350.00 11×14″
2A Fred Bell Benjamin Church House $500.00 14×17″
3A Lori Beringer Old World $700.00
3A Lori Beringer Neighbors $800.00 17×20″
3B Lori Beringer Memorable $800.00 16.5×19.5″
4B Carey Borth Salmon Jumpin’ $225.00 20×26″
6A Christine Contardi Rooftop Garden $350.00 17×17″
6B Christine Contardi Atwater Tree $350.00 17×17″
7B Eddie Corkery Dead Fall $650.00 14×17″
9A Derek Davis On the Horizon $1,350.00 21×24″
9C Derek Davis River’s Edge: Winner 1st Place Quickpaint $1,100.00 11×14″River's Edge, 11x14,enpleinair, 1st place quick paint, Shorewood,Wi. 2013
12A Richard Dorbin Truck at Rest $525.00 12×16″
12B Richard Dorbin Plow at Rest $450.00 16×19″
14A Kathleen Eaton Stairway to Heaven $750.00 20×24″
15A Charles Eaton The Garden Room $500.00 17.5×20″
15B Charles Eaton Morning at the Park $450.00 17.5×20″
18A Carol Hauer Hubbard Park Oaks $195.00 20×16.5″
19C Barbara Hayden A Ray of Hope $200.00
20B Shelly Heath
21B James Hempel Where the Woods Meet the Shore $975.00 16×20″
21C James Hempel River View $925.00 16×20″
22A Matthew Holt September Rain $975.00 14×18″
22B Matthew Holt Autumn Nearing $975.00 14×18″
22C Matthew Holt
23A Eva Jacob Hayek’s After Rain $500.00 16×20″
23B Eva Jacob House on Olive St $500.00 16×20″
24B Jan Jaworski Rainy Day Beer Garden Crowd $275.00  11×14″Rainy Day Beer Garden Crowd - small
24C Jan Jaworski North Shore $175.00 8×10″
25C Shelby Keefe Painted Congruity $850.00 19.5×16.5″
28A Darron Lillian East Olive Street $500.00 21×17″
28B Darron Lillian Lake Bluff Road $800.00 27×21″
28C Darron Lillian Olive Street Stop $400.00 17×21″
29A Tom Linden 4141 N Ardmore $575.00 11×14″
29B Tom Linden Falls at Estabrook $575.00 11×14″
31A Tom Nachreiner Wrought Iron Gate KATIE GINGRASS GALLERY SHOW
31B Tom Nachreiner Shorewood Pizza KATIE GINGRASS GALLERY SHOW
32A Mike Neilson Atwater Beach $700.00
32B Mike Neilson
32C Mike Neilson
39B Kriste Sankey
39C Kriste Sankey Stubborn Susans $265.00 8×10″
40B Michelle Savas-Thompson Kensington Square $375.00 18×18″
40C Michelle Savas-Thompson Shorewood Fire & Police $375.00 18×18″
43B Lothar Speer
44A Daniel Stauff Shorewood DPW $375.00 12×18″
44C Daniel Stauff Police Station & Tower $250.00 12.5×14.5″
45B James Steeno Overcast to the East $200.00 10×12″
45C Does Not Exist
46A Pamela Stilp Cascading Rapids $400.00 12×16″
46C Pamela Stilp
47C Sweet
49C Sherri Thomas Cloud Shadows on Lake Michigan $375.00 11×14″
50B Wendie Thompson Atwater From Above $450.00  thompson50B
51B Thomas Trausch Afternoon Light $350.00 10×8″ piece
51C Thomas Trausch Near 55 Years $450.00 12×9″ piece
53B R.M. Walter
53C R.M. Walter Broken Jetty $250.00
54B Bridget Lyle Wolf Waterfall at Estabrook $375.00 12×18″
54C Bridget Lyle Wolf Tower $150.00 12.5×14.5″

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